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American attack on Iranian flag carrier
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American attack on Iranian flag carrier

To quote from Obama, an American anti-war group known as "Heretic" video released on YouTube, the possibility of conspiracy to attack Israel with American carriers boats or ships of war with the Iranian flag with a flare of fire between Iran and America said.

Group Hrtyk the same mistake in the history of the Israeli plot to overthrow America's war against the country: it is exactly like the "Levan" in which
Egypt with Israeli flags, an attack against American targets in English and the Suez Canal and
Flag of Egypt did so with these two countries are forced to conquer Egypt.

The anti-war group, the video in response to an article in Businessinsider, has prepared and published in this article, a group of hawks, as have the possibility of an attack from Iran to the American carriers in the Persian Gulf there.

Hrtyk with ridicule the idea of America has added the need to attack Iran: why Iran has a peaceful history, ask the American carriers in the Persian Gulf to attack and thereby
Americans and Israelis to find a justification for war with this country?

As anti-war group that Iran is a country that has not attacked any country for centuries, said that while America and Israel are constantly at war.

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