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دوازدهمین اجلاس بین المللی در موضوع اقلیم شناسی آماری در کره جنوبی
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دوازدهمین اجلاس بین المللی در موضوع اقلیم شناسی آماری در کره جنوبی

1st Announcement of 12th International Meeting on Statistical
Climatology  IMSC  

24-28 June 2013, Jeju, Korea

The IMSC (<>) has been organized by a group of independent climatologists and statisticians since 1979. The aim of IMSC is to promote good statistical practice in the atmospheric and climate sciences and to maintain and enhance the lines of communication between the atmospheric and statistical science communities .


Oral presentations and posters are invited on all topics related to the
analysis of climate variability and change on global, regional and local
scales, and to advances in relevant statistical techniques, including
Bayesian and non-Bayesian methods. A series of thematic sessions will
address issues including:

- Data homogenization and climate trends/variability assessment

- Next generation climate data products

- Reconstruction and interpretation of past climates

- Spatial and spatiotemporal analysis of climate data

- Non-linear methods for climate analysis

- Forecast verification

- Ensemble methods and uncertainty quantification

- CMIP5 model evaluation, prediction, and projection

- Detection and attribution, downscaling, and impacts

- Weather and climate extremes – statistical modeling and event attribution

- Large-scale climate variability and teleconnections

- Global/regional change in water cycle including monsoon

[Registration and Deadlines]

The deadline for abstract submission is FEBRUARY 28, 2013. Full details
on registration, abstract submission, and session programs will be
available from December 1, 2012 at the website


[Program Committee]

ChunHo Cho (NIMR/KMA, Co-chair)

Seung-Ki Min (CSIRO, Co-chair)

Bryson Bates (CSIRO)

Richard E. Chandler (UCL)

Gabi Hegerl (Univ. Edinburgh)

Kwang-Yul Kim (Seoul Nat’l Univ.)

Won-Tae Kwon (NIMR/KMA)

Bo Li (Purdue Univ.)

Doug Nychka (IMAGe/NCAR)

Hee-Seok Oh (Seoul Nat’l Univ.)

Hans von Storch (Institute for Coastal Research)

Xuebin Zhang (CRD/EC)

Francis Zwiers (PCIC, Univ. Victoria)

More to be added…

[Local Organizing Committee]

Won-Tae Kwon (NIMR/KMA, Chair)

ChunHo Cho (NIMR/KMA)

Hye Yeong Chun (Yonsei Univ.)

Jaeyong Lee (Seoul Nat’l Univ.)


Hee-Jeong Baek (NIMR/KMA)

Hyo-Shin Lee (NIMR/KMA)

For further details email to <>

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